An All-Encompassing ATM Solution

More ATM Features for Your Customers. Less Administration for Your Business.

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Magic Line™ The Solution You Were Waiting For

Capitalizing on the combination of INTERPRO™ Technology’s intercept processing and United Solutions’ data center infrastructure, Magic Line™ provides an all-encompassing ATM solution. You’ll expand your ATM footprint and services without taking on additional obligations or costs.

Leveraging Two Unrivaled Components


INTERPRO™ is the leader in providing intercept processing applications for Credit Unions, Banks, and other financial service organizations. Specializing in transaction processing, INTERPRO™ understands the complexity and requirements of the financial service sector.

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United Solutions is the technical backbone for the financial sector as a Credit Union Services Organization. We offer 24/7 core data processing services designed with a service bureau approach, and we provide online, real-time financial data processing services, imaging systems, e-commerce services, microfilm/fiche conversions, asset recovery, electronic data backup, check 21 and vendor management solutions.

Robust Features You and Your Customers Will Love

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Customers demand excellent service, and Magic Line™ will ensure you exceed their demands. Our hosted intercept processing solutions offer the user experience customers want and provide you the flexibility to control ATMs as you see fit.

Other solutions offer only the basic capabilities and charge high fees for add-ons. Magic Line™ combines all the features you need to compete in a standard, affordable package.

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Standard Features

  • Real-time monitoring: enabling you to check and change ATM status remotely via smartphone or desktop
  • Remote deposit capture through United Solutions’ Capture21.Org
  • Bilingual screen support
  • Custom-branded welcome screens
  • Multiple currency support
  • Voice guidance
  • PIN change support
  • Account-to-account transfers
  • Courtesy payment
  • Custom fee options
  • Extensive reporting capabilities

Expanded Features

  • Interactive marketing
  • Cardholder preference support
  • Advanced security, including neural network monitoring and fraud detection
  • Remote key transport
  • Shared branch issuer and acquirer support through our web-based teller system